21 Day Shred

Are you looking for something that provides maximal results in minimal time? A springboard for changes to your health and fitness? Our '21 Day Shred' programme gives you just that. A step-by-step blueprint to transform your body. All backed up by our 'results or your money back for only €79!

Step-by-step. Week by Week.

Look. We are all about your long term ever-lasting success. But what happens if you need something quick? The 21 Day Shred brings you weekly training, nutrition and tailored programming to ensure your results. Here is what is you get:-

  • 1-1 Personal Training Session

    You are not quite sure your way around the gym or would like to learn how to train correctly, safely and with professional advice. From the start you will be guided in a 1-1 Personal Training Session (worth €50)

  • Bespoke Training Plan

    Each programme is unique and based off your starting point. You will receive our 21 Day Shred Training plan that can be tailored to your goals and mapped out over the 21 days (worth €50)

  • Nutrition Coaching

    Diets are a minefield. Our expertise lies in cutting through all the conflicting evidence and fads to provide a laser like focus on what you need to do to get results for life. You will receive a 21 Day Shred weekly meal plan removing all the guess work (worth €67).

  • 2 x p/week training our Maynooth Location

    You can choose from either small group personal training or conditioning classes at 7pm or 8pm Monday and Wed and Thursday or 6.30am Monday – Friday. Our facility is conveniently located just off the N4 in the Maynooth Business Campus (worth €72)

    Need more flexibility? Our memberships give you this ==>

  • Support Every Step of the Way

    A Private forum gives you all the support you need to ensure you stay on track. Daily nudges, check ins and accountability systems ensure you stay on track (worth €19)

  • Incredible Online Resources

    A devoted ’21 Day Shred’ online platform brings you the videos, resources and all the support you need to succeed (worth €47)

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Hear from a few of our members...

It is the BEST thing I have ever done for my health and fitness, and also mentally, being disciplined in this regard carries over into other aspects of my life. Feeling strong for the first time is the best feeling ever”

Debbie, Mum of 2

“I simply owe the team at Sphere Fitness my life what they have given me cannot be truly put into words, my wife and 3 children have a happy healthy husband and father and I have gained a whole new beginning”

David, Dad of 3

“Nothing is impossible any more. I can do whatever I like physically nothing is going to stop me now. Personally I am super happy I’m comfortable in myself for the first time in my life. I walk into a shop, I know my measurements and my size and I’m not saying I’ll get this scarf or these shoes because I’m ashamed of how I look or feel about myself”


Antoinette, Lost 40kg

Normally €247 - Special Promotional Rate of €79

Before we begin....

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Let us see if this will work for you AND I am sure you have some questions. Fill out the form and we will be in touch right away.

What happens during the 21 Day Shred?

The 21 Day Shred gives you a comprehensive look at how we work so that YOU can make an informed decision about working with us.

During the first 'Bodycheck' session we will be performing what is best described as an NCT for human performance. We look at your diet. Your current fitness levels, your lifestyle. From there we understand where you are starting from.

During the first session we will understand what you would like to get from working with us. In a private 1-1 setting we will run a few tests to see where you are starting from and throw a few markers in the sand.

Then we will take you into our training facility for a personal training session. There are no mirrors, a bright, clean and well-equipped training environment. There are no egos, judgements and hard sales.

We will show you how to warm up and prepare the body for training. We will ease you through a workout that involves the entire body, working around any niggles you have and focused on the areas you would like to tone and strengthen.

You will be done with the hour having worked out and understood your pathway to greatness.

During the 21 Day Shred you get another 2 Group Classes or Group Personal Training Sessions per week at a time that works for you.

We will also provide you with our 21 Day Shred Manual that contains really useful information with regards your diet and exercise.

And then it is up to us to hold your accountable via our ICSS System which works to keep you on track and supported.

Following the end of this you will have gained some results to get you started. All we ask is that you make the effort to hit up training 3 times per week and understand that your diet may need some tweaks to get RESULTS!

We will have another 1-1 Bodycheck and see what long term goals you have. On average folks work with us for a 3 month time frame.

I have one or two questions....

What's the difference between Group Personal Training and Classes?

Our coaching time table has a mixture of these types of sessions.

Group personal training typically has a coach: participant ratio of 1-8:10.

During this session you are coached by a personal trainer with a bespoke training plan that has been designed for you following the 'Bodycheck' assessment.

Classes tend to be larger in ratio 1:15-20. These are more generic. You work to the same class outline as others. Exercises can be progressed or regressed depending on your starting point.

We recommend that everyone begins with group personal training and progresses to the classes.