Bootcamp- what’s it all about?

Bootcamp is an exciting concept in strength and fitness training. In an intense 60 minute workout, bootcamp sessions will cover total body conditioning, high intensity interval training and strength training in a motivated team environment. No bootcamp session will be the same as the next as we aim to add variety and fun to the…

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Low Carb Diets are Effective for Fat Loss

In sensible circumstances Low Carb diets work of course under the supervision of a qualified professional ) This is a recent study: Meckling KA, Sherfey R A randomized trial of a hypocaloric high-protein diet, with and without exercise, on weight loss, fitness, and markers of the Metabolic Syndrome in overweight and obese women. Appl Physiol…

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Have you ever eaten anything by accident?

Here is a thought for you. Have you ever eaten anything by accident? So many of begin a fat loss programme in earnest but constantly self-sabotage with spurts of poor food choices or over-indulging. You know the ‘just-one-more’ syndrome. You make a conscious decision with your foods. And that is just my point – these…

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