Burn more calories in 30 minutes

Burn more calories in 30 minutes

Are you constantly up against the clock? Tag teaming with your partner out of the home?

As a personal trainer, one of the biggest obstacles to a successful, sustainable program (the KEY determinant of success with your fitness plan) is lack of time.

Whatever your excuse, I am here to tell you that doesn’t need to be the case anymore and yes something done with purpose, is better than nothing at all.

“The best program in the world is one you can stick to”

Can you actually burn more calories in 30 minutes? It begs the questions compared to what? 60 minutes? 90 minutes? 45.5 minutes?

That is hard to tell unless we rigged you up in a lab and measured your calorific output to give you that golden number. Nowadays, calorie burn is thrown around like confetti as a term – without any degree of accuracy.

Unfortunately you are not a lab rat.

In light of this you can be more efficient in the way you burn those calories for sure.

Can you get a great workout/training session in in 30 minutes? ABSOLUTELY. It should never hold you back from doing something and 30 minutes is a chunk of time most of us have.

Instead of taking an eternity texting your mates, skimming your media feed or chatting endlessly between exercises, chop it out. Focus in training efficiency and getting more bang for your buck.

There is nothing better than the feeling of completion and well-being with exercise. A little goes along way to feelings of self-improvement, mental and physical health. That should motivate you to do ‘something’ . 30 minutes? Why not 10 minutes? Rest assured that no matter what you do it will have positive benefits almost immediately.

Frequency – better blood sugar management

There is an argument too that shorter workouts done more frequently enhances blood sugar management.

This stems from those who move more in their daily lives tend to have better blood sugar management which is great if you are looking to keep healthy, fit and vibrant free from those nasty little metabolic diseases.

It works much better than being a one hit wonder in the gym for 2 hours at the weekend.

It puts you back in control

The more barriers you put up yourself, the harder the process becomes.

” I can’t hit the gym, I don’t have time”

Dispelling this myth by understanding that a great training session can be performed in 30 minutes puts you back in control of the process.


Stick to Whole body workouts

You are better off sticking to whole body workouts when you are short on time. Choosing exercises that use a lot of muscle groups all at once (think a squat over an arm curl or tummy exercise) makes better use of your 30 minutes. More muscles used means more energy expended.

Rest periods short

We are going to save time by trimming the fat from our rest periods. We know from the exercise science brigade that doing this enhances fat metabolism. Knock it down to 30 seconds-60 seconds and be disciplined about this.

Watch as this gets your heart rate racing if you pair a lower body exercise with an upper body exercise or ‘Peripheral Heart Action’ is a tool that is effective for time pressed folk like yourself.

Let’s not forget the power of NEAT either…

Or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis which is a fancy term for what you do ‘whilst going about your day’ is also important. Those 10,000 steps or bouts of 250 steps are crucial for your health and are great for calories expended.

Move more! If you are short on time with your exercise then being incredible active as you go about your day combined with a caloric deficit in with your diet will work to drop a few excess pounds.

It is about being creative a large part of the time in slipping time to move more and make 30 minutes count. How? Play, walk at break, take phone calls and meetings walking, park your car away or leave it at home. Make an excuse to do more.

30 minutes. A number that is manageable to find success with and work towards.

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