Case Study – ‘Anto’

When Antionette or ‘Anto’ started out on her journey there was no doubting that she faced some big fears, least of all with herself. In essence before even making the call, she had taken responsibility for her own actions and everything had been laid at her feet  Anto Jagobefore hand.

“My Biggest obstacle is myself. I needed to stay focused, only I can control what goes into my body.

Surprisingly enough, hard training was not part of the plan early on. Instead it was an overhaul of eating habits and routine as she worked into her working day the new pathway. That is not to say she was without her own fears and trepidations

“I suppose my fear is going backwards I want to stay lean and get leaner. I want to keep progressing no matter how slow it may be. Also in the past I think I was afraid to be that person that says no I’m not going out I’m to the gym ”

Her first step was the food record and developing a level of consciousness about what she was doing with her intake.

She was already pretty active with her rugby but this was on another level. On one extreme she had to slow down and let her health catch up with what she was trying to do in the gym.

Consistently she was hitting some form of exercise and training on a daily basis – cycling, gym, walking and sport.

But like anyone the path was a long one.

The key is that Anto learned to keep pace with her self and goal setting was instrumental to this.

I set small goals month on month to keep me focused and motivated. My first one was to win player of the yr playing rugby and be the player that leads by example rather then the one that shouts “get there”. Once I did that it was the dualthon then triathlon – next is a 12km run in May and then next triathlon season I plan to beat my times and do longer distances”

There was no doubting that this was a key stepping stone.

And one that allowed her to keep pace with her progress. fast foods were replaced with more vegetables and lean protein.

She started looking at her breakfast and water intake too always seeing how compliant she could be week to week yet taking one day at a time.

The results have been staggering.

Anto has lost over 80lbs and more than that developed a level of mental resolve that is truly life transforming:

I am happy, very happy. Nothing is impossible anymore. I can do what ever I like physically nothing is going to stop me now. Personally I am super happy I’m comfortable in myself for the first time in my life. I walk into a shop I know my measurements and my size I’m not saying ill just get this scarf or these shoes because I’m ashamed of how I look or feel about myself”

The future holds well for Anto who is currently based in Australia yet keeps the habits going proving that fads come and go but a habits based approach truly works.

The future is getting leaner and stronger. shaping my body and maintaining my healthy, clean eating. The fact is eating well makes you feel well. Clean foods and exercise are vital to happy mindset

There is a level of confidence in Anto mentally and physically that truly makes for an incredible body and life transformation and one that will inspire many others to follow.

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