Case Study Results from Sphere Fitness Gym in Maynooth

personal trainer maynooth

As a gym in Maynooth over the last 15 years we have seen our fair share of success stories. After laying some strong foundations and trying several other facilities, it became clear to Kevin that something was missing.

It wasn’t through a lack of effort or desire, or consistency of actions. Or the previous effort of others.

You see body transformations are multi faceted. A combined effort of ultimately three things: training, nutrition and support. If you are lacking in anyone of these then you will be frustrated.

After several other attempts it was clear something was lacking.

“Some of the biggest challenges I faced were finding nutrition and meal combinations that suited rather than depriving myself. Also finding the time was a big obstacle”

The thing is fatherhood was also on the way. Which brings with it even more challenges. Add in the challenge of being a small business owner, lack of sleep, the disruption of a beautiful baby girl and all of a sudden you have a recipe for being derailed.

personal trainer maynooth

Or do you?

You see this is where most of the time folks throw in the towel and bed into the excuses.

Not Kevin. He found help here in Sphere. Guidance and that push in the right direction. He knew what to do but why wasn’t he just doing it?

He dialed in his nutrition. Tracked everything (good, bad the indifferent). Trained harder than ever before and made time for exercise. There were doubts and a litancy of questions but he pushed on and removed self-imposed barriers.

“Having my measurements taken every couple of weeks and finding MY sweet spot with food was huge. I needed to feel like I wasn’t depriving myself with foods as meals were balanced. I also now to just ‘do better’ with my exercise regime”

The results have speaked for themselves. As is always the case. The Dad-Bod is nowhere in sight.

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