Case Study – Spotlight of the Month


When it comes to effort and consistency then Pat has it in abundance. Currently Pat trains around 3 times a week, mainly in our group H.I.I.T classes.

“It took a year and then the penny dropped…I mean I was here this morning and now I am here again this evening..I feel great!”

Cast minds back a year now and Pat was struggling with the food and bringing exercise into his lifestyle. Working shifts means that this will always be a challenge. But enough was enough.

“After a year of listening…suddenly the penny dropped. I suppose I was feeling healthier and had more energy but something changed”

Despite the initial challenges that change brings, he knew he was onto something because he just “felt healthier”.

Pat now trains mainly with classes as he feels this “keeps him more accountable” and when pressed for time it works for him. His programme has been geared to ensure that old niggles and injuries are worked on. An old injury to his knee has been worked on to ensure that he can now get the most out of the higher intensity classes that he so enjoys.

The results speak for themselves:

My results in the last 4 months have been incredible, I am waking wide awake and I have lost 3.5 stone, whatever that is in kilograms?!…the energy is there”