What to Expect in your First Training Session at Sphere Fitness

It can seem really daunting at first popping into your first training session at Sphere Fitness. Like walking into a new job or arriving first at a party.

And we get it. You have tried things in the past and maybe they have or have not worked for you.

When you arrive in Sphere you will notice an environment that is unlike most ‘gyms’. And that is deliberate. We have no mirrors or smoothie bars or TVs.

This is place for results. But more importantly a place where we meet you at. 

But it is also a place where we have tried to remove the intimidation of ‘working out’. Distractions and individuals who may intimidate, judge and lay criticism are not welcome and never have been.

We aim to maintain a high level of cleanliness and investment in equipment to ensure you receive the best in terms of training facilities.

What you will find in abundance is support, encouragement, the pursuit of your results and expert coaching using sound, scientific backed training nutrition and lifestyle principles.

We are a team of coaches supported by a network of clinicians and if we can’t find you the result you are looking for we can very quickly draw upon the right resource for you. Saving you time, effort and money.

If you chase health, you will find your results.

We want you to feel welcome and feel that you can work hard without any judgements on your ability and

To this end there is no age demographic. All we ask is that you bring a ‘can-do attitude’ and the willingness to give it your all for 3 hours a week and a focus outside of this towards your diet and lifestyle. With those simple tools you WILL succeed.

Your first session will consist of the following 3 pillars and in total will last 45 minutes. If you have less time let us know! We will show you how you can workout in less time, at home or in a hotel room.

Remember there is an ‘ideal’ and there is a ‘real’. The most accurate answer we can give you to your questions is “it depends”

We have such a mixed approach to gaining results over the years using hundreds of techniques with hundreds of clients that there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

The best approach – one that works for you.

During your first session there will be 3 pillars: –

  1. A Total Mobility Warm up
  2. T2H Strength training
  3. T2H Finisher

Let’s break them down into the 3 pillars: –

1) A Total Mobility Warm up

During this 5-10 minute block of training we will show you how to loosen up the body and prepare it for movement.

Most folks come to us having sat in a car or at a desk and we look to get you feeling and moving better very quickly.

It is also a great time to get rid of that 4 O’clock meeting or what the kids need to eat for supper and focus on YOU. Clearing the head!

2) T2H Strength Training

Here at Sphere Fitness a Transition 2 Health Strength Training focuses on finding out where you are at in terms of your fitness. During a Group Personal Training session you will work through a program that has been designed and written for YOU!

There is an art in writing programs. One that can deliver a result that you are looking for. We have folks looking to tone their tummy, arms and legs. Folks who are looking to rehab their joints. Folks who are looking for more energy. Folks looking for a bit of ‘me time’ and with a limited window of exercise.

This level of diversity brings with it challenges that need to be met with a personalized program and one that changes every 3-4 weeks.

We use a variety of tools from bodyweight to barbells, kettlebells to TRX, dumbbells to swiss balls.

‘It depends’ !!

They say teach a man how to fish he can feed himself.

We teach you how to train and learn how to move correctly and safely. We love questions so feel free to ask away!

The training itself is prescribed according to your starting point, any injury history you may present and any postural issues that we may spot during the ‘Bodycheck’. This is not ‘finding something wrong with you – merely a chance to ensure that the exercises we prescribe improve you not hinder you.

You will have a program that you can fill out and monitor progress. This is really rewarding as each session you see those improvements. We will show you how to fill out your T2H Programme.

3) T2H Finisher

We have found over the years that a short period of ‘high intensity training’ at the end of the session works well for results.

To this end we allocate a 5-10 minute block of time towards this.

Now ‘intensity’ is a very loose term. Intense for one individual may be easy for another and vice-versa.

Either way we have a mix of weekly challenges, low intensity cardiovascular exercise and even stretching to put the cherry on top of your training session.

You should feel invigorated not annihilated.

At the end of this we encourage you to book in your week’s training via the app that we use. What get’s scheduled gets done!

A Word on Classes 

Classes follow the same format but we work on a generic format. The ‘workout’ is generic for the day with progressions and regressions and tweaks should you need to work through an injury.

Say, for example, you present with a sore thigh. We will give you substitutions focusing on the other limb to avoid aggravating the limb.

Similar with back or neck issues. We can always work around the issue or send you to our designated stretching area for some stretches.

At an early stage of your journey it is about setting time aside to nurture the habit and love of training rather than focusing on killing your self every session.

A Word on What to Wear and What to Eat

We recommend that you wear something comfortable, bring a water bottle and a hand towel. It is also a good idea to eat something 2-3 hours before you come. Something light (piece of fruit, few nuts, small handful of dried fruit) just to carry you through the session. It also means that you have energy to carry you through rather than tiring early.

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