How to Use My Fitness Pal (Infographic + Video)

Sometimes what we need is hidden in plain view.

With all the information out there on diet, exercise and lifestyle (which is no longer hidden deep in textbooks) there really is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to take action on this and all walk around with six packs.

But you know as well as I do that this simply isn’t the case.

Why? Because there is a bigger picture at play here namely in the application of diet and exercise and how there is such a big division between what we know and how we go about applying it.

It can literally cause paralysis in most cases. Most of us just find it hard to take that next step.

One of the biggest reasons why, based off hard science and practical experience, is food consciousness and mindful eating.

This area of behaviour means we end up eating more than we should.

Fine if you are looking to bulk up and fuel your athletic prowess, but not if you are looking to trim up and drop the fat. It can make a huge difference to your results if you develop a level of consciousness about what you are doing.

There are so many reasons why this is an issue that means a tonne of research behind it.

Things like
•    Your environment
•    Packaging
•    Plate and portion size
•    Socio economic grouping
•    Habits formed

All of these and much more can drive a level of unconscious eating.

So how do we fix it?

The answer is simple and where we will begin

Food Recording

The science is compelling. A comprehensive study of 1700 participants doubled weight loss results depending on frequency of recording intake and accountability. So something to take heed!

From the outset it is important that we have an understanding of where we are starting from when it comes to our nutrition. Without that we have nothing to coach you on or even more importantly hold yourself accountable to.

For years we have been flying blind with regards our choice of foods and how much we actually eat.

Not any more. There are countless tracking systems out there but the most friendly of the lot has to be myfitnesspal.


Food recording is important because it shows you and it shows us your habits, behaviours and choices around food.

Based off this we can then set goals with regards your calorie intake and then based off that we set goals around your macronutrients targets.

In essence there are 3 levels.
1) Record – eat better – not perfect but BETTER
2) Record and hit your calorie intake whilst eating BETTER
3) Record and hit your macronutrient target whilst eating BETTER and your calorie goals for the day


Food recording is in itself a skill and a habit so we must begin with this. There is little point in adding in the nuances of diet strategies if you can’t hold yourself accountable with this skill first. So begin with this and develop the habit of doing this first.

How to use myfitness pal sphere fitness maynooth

How to use myfitness pal sphere fitness maynooth