There are a few ways we can help you from long and short term options. Find out more from our suite of programmes...

Focus Membership (Small Group Personal Training)

A unique combination of unlimited personal training in small groups, circuit classes and expert nutrition coaching using a techniques that are sustainable and meet you at exactly where you are starting from. Easy to achieve and simple to follow. Combine this with direct support and accountability for a winning formula in bespoke transformations.

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Bronze - Hybrid 1-1 / Small Group Personal Training

Like the Focus membership you receive all the benefits of small group personal training, bootcamp classes and expert nutrition coaching but in this program we add in one Personal Training Session per week for that extra push in the right places and laser like coaching.

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Silver - Hybrid 1-1 / Small Group Personal Training

Like the focus coaching level we provide you with all the benefits of small group personal training, bootcamp classes, nutrition coaching and un-matched support to then add two personal training sessions per week. Results are accelerated with this program and nutrition plans and coaching become even more tailored to suit.

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Gold - Hybrid Group + 3 1-1 Sessions per week

Try our Gold program and enjoy the benefits of Focus, Bronze and Silver but with three personal training sessions per week. Imagine the results….this is exactly what we use this for and is great for those struggling to find that momentum to take your mind and body to a place you have never even dreamed of. The ultimate transformation level.

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How do we work?

  • Starting with a Bodycheck

    Understanding where you are starting from is key. So many of us have tried several approaches in the past and failed. A Bodycheck diagnoses where you need to look with your training, nutrition and lifestyle.

  • Bespoke Training Plan

    With our Bodycheck we design you a programme. Each programme is unique and based off your starting point. You get a bespoke training plan based off your goals and mapped out over 3 week training phases.

  • Nutrition Coaching

    Diets are a minefield. Our expertise lies in cutting through all the conflicting evidence and fads to provide a laser like focus on what you need to do to get results for life. You will receive bespoke nutrition coaching based off your own unique starting point.

  • Unlimited Sessions

    You can choose from either small group personal training or conditioning classes. These run Mon – Fri and Saturday morning with sessions as early as 6.30am and as late as 9pm.

  • Support Every Step of the Way

    A Private forum gives you all the support you need to ensure you stay on track. Daily nudges, check ins and accountability systems ensure you stay on track.

  • Incredible Online Resources

    A devoted ‘Transformation Centre’  online platform brings you the videos, resources and all the support you need to succeed.

Hear from a few of our members...

It is the BEST thing I have ever done for my health and fitness, and also mentally, being disciplined in this regard carries over into other aspects of my life. Feeling strong for the first time is the best feeling ever”

Debbie, Mum of 2

“I simply owe the team at Sphere Fitness my life what they have given me cannot be truly put into words, my wife and 3 children have a happy healthy husband and father and I have gained a whole new beginning”

David, Dad of 3

“Nothing is impossible any more. I can do whatever I like physically nothing is going to stop me now. Personally I am super happy I’m comfortable in myself for the first time in my life. I walk into a shop, I know my measurements and my size and I’m not saying I’ll get this scarf or these shoes because I’m ashamed of how I look or feel about myself”


Antoinette, Lost 40kg

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