Project 56

Are you looking to really ramp things up? Imagine what is possible with the help of an expert coach in your corner for 8 weeks? Project 56 is the ultimate combination of group training and bespoke nutritional design. Plus be in with the chance to win the Grand Prize of €250....starts May 21st 2017

56 Days Away from a New You

We love changing lives. Like yours. And with over 15 years of experience and hundreds of transformations you are next. Here is what you get:-

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  • Group Training Sessions

    We will meet every Monday, Weds, Friday and Saturday from 7-7.45pm or 6.30-7am. On Saturdays the sessions are at 9am.

  • Nutrition Workshop

    How would you like to cut to the chase and know exactly what you should or should not be doing if you want to become a fat burning machine. In this 1 hour workshop we lay it all out bare.

  • Nutrition Coaching

    Diets are a minefield. Our expertise lies in cutting through all the conflicting evidence and fads to provide a laser like focus on what you need to do to get results for life. You will receive nutrition coaching based off your own unique starting point.

  • Day-by-Day Blueprint

    56 days is not a long time. And this will be the last kick start you will ever need. We will map out what is recommended day by day in exercise terms and no matter what your starting level.

  • Support Every Step of the Way

    A Private forum gives you all the support you need to ensure you stay on track. Nudges, check ins and accountability systems ensure you stay on track.

  • Incredible Online Resources

    A devoted online platform brings you the videos, resources and all the support you need to succeed. In there you will find everything you need to make it a success.

Hear from a few of our members...

It is the BEST thing I have ever done for my health and fitness, and also mentally, being disciplined in this regard carries over into other aspects of my life. Feeling strong for the first time is the best feeling ever”

Debbie, Mum of 2

“I simply owe the team at Sphere Fitness my life what they have given me cannot be truly put into words, my wife and 3 children have a happy healthy husband and father and I have gained a whole new beginning”

David, Dad of 3

“Nothing is impossible any more. I can do whatever I like physically nothing is going to stop me now. Personally I am super happy I’m comfortable in myself for the first time in my life. I walk into a shop, I know my measurements and my size and I’m not saying I’ll get this scarf or these shoes because I’m ashamed of how I look or feel about myself”


Antoinette, Lost 40kg

Special Promotional Rate of €79 per month*

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*Existing Sphere Members can do this FREE of charge.

Grand Prize of €250

Make the commitment today and be in with the chance to win the grand prize of €250. Maybe you have tried everything, jumped from one fad to the next or been training but with little to show for it? Sometimes all you need is an intense period of time to make the breakthrough.With 25 spaces up for grabs registration will close in

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Follow Along at Home with Our 'Results Online' Training Programme

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