Results Online Programme

Are you a gym goer who needs that expert eye in programme design, nutrition and lifestyle coaching?

A stay-at-home parent who can't make time for gyms? Or someone who just needs that extra support and accountability??

10 Years of providing incredible transformations and results now available online - results no matter where you are! No more aimless gym sessions, hit and hope diets and feeling that you are going it all alone - saving you time and money

No more second guessing

No more wasting time with your diet, spinning your wheels trying to get 'fit' and frustration in doing it yourself. A solution that works for you for only 50c a day.

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  • Tailored Training and Workout Design

    No more second guessing your training – log in from your smart phone, tablet or lap top – turn up, do and get results.

  • Exercise Library

    There is a library of exercises all in clear video instructions. It is like having a trainer on hand to take you through the session so that you don’t waste any more time, whether you are training at home or in the gym

  • Real Time Feedback

    Do your personalised training session, log what you did and ensure progress each and every time so that you can’t fail to get the results you are after.

  • Chart Your Progress

    There is nothing more motivating than seeing progress. Everything, from changes in your body to what you do in the gym is tracked and measured leaving you excited for more!

  • Support Every Step of the Way

    A Private forum gives you all the support you need to ensure you stay on track. Daily nudges, check ins and accountability systems ensure you stay on track.

  • Incredible Online Resources

    The incredible ‘Transformation Centre’ gives you all the educational materials and resources (think cookbooks, meal plans, videos, workout guides) that you need to succeed

Here is what you get with our Results Online Programme

  • High Level Coaching

    High Level coaching guiding you every step of the way ensuring you get results and stop second guessing whether this is the right thing for you or not

  • Time Effective Results Driven Solutions

    Training sessions that work with you and your schedule – fit with a gym routine or at home with the kids. Our methods are time effective so that you can also have a life

  • Targeted Solutions

    A specific nutrition, lifestyle and training plan that targets your obstacles to getting and staying fit and healthy so that you get results faster

  • Support Community

    An interactive forum staffed by our coaches giving you direct support and accountability every step of the way so that you don’t feel that you are doing this alone

  • Step-by-Step Guidelines

    Our Project reboot provides step-by-step guidelines to ensure you get results with your diet, training and lifestyle

  • Guaranteed Results

    A unique blend of training, nutrition and support ensures that you get results from Project Reboot. Combined with our Online ‘Transformation Centre’ will ensure you have all teh resources you need for success

9per month
  • Monthly Training Plan for either Home or Gym
  • Full Online Coaching and Support via our Interactive Forum
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79 per month
  • Monthly Personalised Training Plan via our Online Trainer 'App'
  • Exercise Library and Database with videos of 100+ exercises
  • Access to our Online 'Transformation Centre' and Forum
  • Monthly 15 Minute Skype Access with John Lark
Try it Risk Free for 7 Days


We are really confident that have bought you the best in terms of support and coaching tools to bring you where you need to go. But talk is cheap. Test drive our Results Online for 7 days for €1. If you are happy to continue then you will be billed at your chosen level every month at the advertised rate.