Sphere Combine

The Sphere Combine is a special event held to test the fitness levels of participants in a nonjudgmental, relaxed and fun way.

Over the course of the 2 hour event, participants will be tested on the following:

  1. Aerobic fitness (via the Bleep Test)
  2. Anaerobic fitness (via the Fitranx System)
  3. Strength (Trap Bar Deadlift and Bench Press)
  4. Strength Endurance (Chin Up, Press Up and Squat Test)

For each test there are levels of performance and for each level there are points awarded.

For instance if you score over level 12 in the Bleep Test you score the maximum 10 points. A triple bodyweight trap bar deadlift will also score the maximum 10.

Entering and completing the Fitranx White level will score you 1 point as will posting your first press up.

The total points are scored. We will be dividing participants into age categories:

  1. Male – 16-35 Female – 16-35
  2. Male – 36-55 Female – 36-55
  3. Male – 55+ Female – 55+

Tips on the Day

Have something to aim towards that you know or are familiar with. If you have never run for more than 10-15 minutes then try a couple of 2,3,5 Km runs before hand

Have a look at the Fitranx workouts and choose one that you know you have a 90% chance of succeeding in. There are usually 1-2 exercises that throw a spanner in the works. Have a look at these and prepare for them.

Warm up with plenty of sets (as many as 7) to get your true 1 rep max. If you are not familiar with this then do a 5 rep max and we can use a formula to calculate your estimated 1 rep max.

Please bring with your water and maybe a small snack.

Entrance is free but there will be charity buckets on the day and all donations are welcome.  Sponsors will be show casing on the day.

All members can attend, as can friends and family of members who may not be members of Sphere.

The full list of Fitranx exercises can be provided on request. You will be able to see if any are not used. The nature of the workouts and the levels will be provided on the day.

If you wish to attend please fill out the form below: