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These are people just like YOU who once struggled but now have found long term success at Sphere. Find out how mums, busy executives, working professionals, sports persons and folks just like yourself have started on their journey and gone on to transform themselves for life...

Professional Testimonials

Dr. Neville Wilson

“There can be no worthier objective than the pursuit of optimal wellness, and John’s unrelenting enthusiasm in helping his clients to achieve this goal ¬†places him amongst the top echelons of successful health and fitness trainers.

Not only a constant learner and observer of cutting edge insights, John is a constant giver, and seeks to share those novel insights with serious minded seekers of optimal health.

His training methods are science-based, fashioned by forward-thinking, and supported by a critical understanding of human physiology and the human quest to stretch and strive for optimal health.

John’s training programmes are uniquely tailored to individual needs and capabilities, and supported by nutritional insights that outstrip conventional perceptions, and which I as a Physician and ¬†Sports Nutritionist wholly endorse.”

Dr. Neville Wilson Medical Director, Leinster Clinic
Phil Richards

“I wholly endorse John Lark and is methods. His coaching knowledge and expertise would be of benefit to any individual or organisation”

Phil Richards World Leading Strength Coach
Eamonn O'Muircheartaigh

“I recommend John Lark and his team in Sphere Fitness..they can deliver results which is crucial to the end stage in rehabilitation programmes”

Eamonn O'Muircheartaigh

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