1. Risk with Our Facility The proprietors, management and employees of this establishment shall not be liable for nor shall they accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage howsoever sustained by any person or persons whether arising under the express or implied terms of this contract, whether direct or indirect and including consequential losses arising out of any of the activities of this establishment or in any way whatsoever which does not arise from any negligent act or omission of the proprietors/management and employees

2. Change of Hours Details of the club’s current opening hours and facilities are displayed in the club. We may sometimes need to change the opening hours or facilities available to allow for essential maintenance work. If we need to do this we will, where reasonably possible, display notices in the club notifying you of the change at least 2 weeks beforehand. If we make a significant change to the opening hours or facilities available, you can cancel your agreement in accordance with clause 3. In addition we will refund you for any part of your membership fee for the period since the change was in force.

3. Cancellation of Agreement i) Membership will continue on automatically on a rolling monthly basis, until such time as we receive the cancellation request, whereupon a minimum 30 days notice and 1 corresponding payments will be due. Please forward your request to spherefitness@gmail.com

ii) You have 30 Days from the date of this agreement to establish whether Sphere is right for you. Following this initial trial period (first 30 days), unless we receive notification of your wish to cancel within this period, your agreement will commence in full and will be subject to the conditions stated in Section 3.i)

4. Personal Belongings Members should take reasonable care that their personal belongings are stored safely in the lockers provided for this purpose. Our liability to compensate you is limited to a reasonable amount having regard to such factors as whether the damage was due to a negligent act or omission by us.
5. Commitment and Compliance You are required to make every effort with regards to the training, nutrition and coaching recommendations as outlined in the Sphere Fitness Welcome Pack. Failure to do so may result in early termination of your agreement with us. This is not to put you off but to ensure you don’t waste your time and money.

6. Testimonials Our marketing polices require the use of testimonials in the form of verbal, written, photo and video. You may be asked to provide one (if the results warrant it!). If you do not wish to be a part of this clause initial here __

7. Personal Training Appointments Personal training is by appointment only and is subject to a 24 hours cancellation notice. Failure to cancel within this period will result in a lost session. If Sphere are unable to fulfill all sessions we will establish a set time to deliver any sessions owed with a 3 month time frame.

8. Suspensions. Suspensions are at the sole discretion of the management of Sphere Fitness. You may suspend your account for a maximum period of 4 weeks during one annual period in the event of injury or temporary movement of employment. We can work around an injury unless a written note is provided by your clinician excluding you from all forms of physical activity. Suspensions over 4 weeks in length will be deemed a cancellation and subject to 30 days notice and or 1 corresponding payments due.

9. Conclusion It is hereby agreed and declared that any warranty or condition in relation to the contract is only as contained herein and it is further agreed that this contract can only be varied in writing signed under the hands of a director