Testimonial – Denise

One of the most important if not THE most important components of getting in shape is knowing why or what for, and if you’re passionate about that reason, well then nothing will stand in your way. What separates the people that are in good shape to those in not so good shape, the list might be endless, but when you dig deeper you’ll find there’s a reason behind it all.

What better reason to have a wedding on the horizon.

Denise needs no reminding. She gave herself plenty of time before it, understand there’ll be no quick fixes, no four week jobs. Combining nutrition with exercise, Denise will leave no stone unturned for the big day and rightly so!

All the hard work is certainly paying off.

All the hard work is certainly paying off.

This is isn’t a miracle story, for Denise it’s about fitting it in and getting it done.

“Time is a huge factor for me as I work full time and have 2 small children so it can be difficult to get some time for me”

Working close to us in the business park, who wouldn’t feel guilty for not getting it done, easier said than done of course, find your reason!

“I work in the campus in Maynooth so I go straight after work 3 nights a week and can still collect my kids for 6:30. I am getting married in June in Spain and want to get toned.”

The results speak for themselves. Racking up sessions joining in the weekly class once a week to change things up, and still a few weeks to go before the wedding, the results keep coming.

“I can really see and feel the results. I enjoy my training sessions and recently started going to the classes on Saturday morning which I really love. Its great craic and a fantastic workout.”