Testimonial – Shaun

Performance analysed to each millisecond, running technique, kicking technique, each blade of grass, each facial gesture, double meanings to everything, seems like it’s all about pundits and analysis, even analysing the analysts

From Gaelic games, to Rugby, to soccer, to basketball, to M.M.A, the list goes on. We’re exposed to more sport now than ever before. We love taking part in the drama.

We all take part in one way or another, but for some they want to be part of it!

Feeling the benefits and seeing the results.

Feeling the benefits and seeing the results.

Shaun is a Kilkock Gaelic footballer, wanted to improve his game. It was always priority but never seemed to materialise.

“I used to work hard at a gym for one or two months and then stop and leave the gym for a few months while also doing the wrong type of exercises at the gym.”

With the highs of the Irish rugby team in modern times, it has become “cool” to go to the gym, albeit just to look good in the jersey for most.

Beyond the biceps and triceps of the tight sleeves, Shaun added an edge to his game, all about performance, and became a stronger, leaner version of what he was the season before.

“The benefits I feel now are huge I feel lighter, quicker, fitter, more agile. Some people think that going to the gym a lot will wear you out and have you tired all the time. I find it’s the opposite I have more energy now and am more alert than I was.”

It’s a far cry from the pitch, beyond the watchful eye of the staunch clubmen, wondering when the next competitive championship run will come.

I could see the results in everyday life, on the pitch and in the mirror so I wanted to improve even more.”

But it doesn’t come without consistency in the gym and outside of it.

“I get to the gym about four times a week and then have training on the other days my life has been like this for six months now I’ve managed it ok I go to the gym after work sometimes it’s hard all you want to do is go home and relax but you just have to motivate yourself to go to the gym. It’s has got to the stage where I enjoy a trip to the gym to take my mind off things. I find that managing your diet is more difficult than actually going to the gym”