How to Develop the Ultimate Athlete with the Tools, Tricks and Methods Reserved for the Elite

WANTED. The GAA Academy delivers a 12 week programme of training, education and development to serious female and male players who are seeking improved performance, aspire to a higher level of playing or seek longevity in their careers.


We are now enrolling with 20 spaces available for this October's start date. The course runs for 12 weeks. Please email john(@) if you have any specific questions. Payment confirms your place.

Become the Player You Know You Can Become

With 15 years of experience in the private sector, The GAA Academy offers a unique and comprehensive approach to your training with our 12 week off-season programme.

Learn how to train effectively for speed, strength, explosive power, conditioning, flexibility, injury prevention and lifestyle and nutrition coaching.

The programme is delivered under close supervision with small group personal training and bespoke training. A flexible schedule allows you to find a routine that fits with your own and team trainings give you that extra ‘competitive edge’

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Discover the What, When, How and Why of Ultimate Performance

There is no stone left unturned as we deliver a combination of team training sessions (gym and pitch based) and bespoke programmes for you to work within a choice of 30 + hours of coaching sessions per week.

  • Weekly Specific Training Sessions

    We will be meeting as a ‘band of brothers’ to train with a programme of rugby specific sessions. Our team sessions will be Tuesday 8pm, Thursday at 8pm and Saturday 11am.

  • Bespoke Programmes

    Bespoke and experienced programming allows us to almost guarantee a result for you. You still have to do the work! But with 3 phases of training over the 12 weeks, each building on the next you will experience new levels of performance.

  • Private Coaching

    It begins with a Bodycheck and a player profile then we will assign your groups in line with your goals. You will see where exactly your hand-brake is and unleash your performance.

Here is what's included: -

  • Personalised Programmes changing every 4 weeks addressing foundation strength, speed strength and high velocity so that you start the season at 100%
  • Speed Specific Sessions developing your acceleration, change of direction and flat out pace
  • Energy System development to ensure you are getting fit using the RIGHT way of conditioning for your sport
  • Nutrition coaching so that you understand the safest and most effective way of changing your body
  • 2 x Group GAA Academy team training sessions per week
  • Unlimited Coaching outside of these hours (you choose from 30+ session times)
  • A Forum for us to communicate as a team and support your progress
  • Testing at weeks 1, 6 and 12 so that you are not guessing with your training
  • And so much more!

Nurture an Unstoppable Mind Set

Dominating your opponents on the field carries over to how you approach life. A monthly programme of events cover this with coaches who have travelled the world honing their expertise in this area. Your mind set will either limit or expand your beliefs and results.

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Perform to Your Full Potential

We will proactive advanced level regeneration strategies that will lead you to improved performance, reduced injuries and longevity in the game. These techniques haven been drawn from all over the world.

  • Specific conditioning

    Most players think that a few ramped up sessions does the trick. This couldn’t be further than the truth. We expose you to what actually improves that tireless capability to just keep going in the heat of the battle with pitch and gym based strongman and power endurance methods.

  • Science Based Testing

    Each month we will run a battery of science based test including speed, power and fitness so that you avoid all the guess-work, stay motivated and get RESULTS

12 Week Programme PP
  • 3 x GAA Academy Team Coaching Sessions per week
  • Unlimited Coaching Sessions
  • Private Forum
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Personal Programme
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Your Team

  • John Lark

    John is a former International Level Youth Rugby Player, Semi-Professional Rugby Player and a 14 year experienced coach having worked with a multitude of athletes across different sports. He is a specialist in composition, strength development and conditioning.

  • Gavin McDowell

    Gavin McDowell is a graduate of University of Limerick and former Inter-country footballer at U21 level. He specialises in Strongman techniques and strength/power development.


Eoin Powderly

Before I went into Sphere I was really struggling physically and from a lack of confidence.

I had lost my place for my GAA team and was contemplating whether I should keep playing at all!

I must admit, the first few months were so difficult and at times I definitely wanted to finish but I was encouraged all the time to keep going.

After a few months I really found a new breed of confidence as well as a physical change. Mental preparation and the importance of diet were elements that I had never fully appreciated before

but under John’s and Gavin’s guidance I found they became center as well as the training aspect.

Honestly, I can never recall coming into a preseason feeling better than before I went into Sphere.

Eoin Powderly Kildare GAA

What Next?

Reserve your space by clicking on the link below. All sessions take place at the incredible training environment, Sphere Fitness Unit G10 Maynooth Business Campus, Maynooth. Co.Kildare.

Spaces are limited to 20 - STARTS MONDAY 16th OCTOBER

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Are you involved with a team? We would love to hear from you and see how our programme can help you prepare for the up-coming season. We are able to offer group discounts. If you sign up more than 5 athletes to the programme we will also run 2 x pitch sessions in your off-season worth €250