Tune Up Your Diet

You know that feeling that you know you must do something about your health but just can’t quite turn that ‘what you know’ into ‘actions’ or behaviours.

The more I look, the more I realize that this has very little to do with ‘what to eat’ and ‘how to train’ than to coach someone with their behaviors.

Get into the ole head.

I was only sitting there the other day with someone and whilst they were debating with themselves over creating the perfect meal I was steering them towards setting up their environment to make sure they could actually do it.

Like wanting to eat healthy but not being able to cook….suddenly everything you do in the kitchen

tastes like RUBBER. So…

You know the feeling: –

– Knowing what to eat but not quite being able to do it

– Knowing how to exercise and move more but not quite able to implement it

– Knowing that you should quit smoking but just can’t quite take the plunge

– Knowing that more veggies in your diet is great but ‘can’t be bothered’ to explore

Well it turns out there is more to this than just ‘knowing’

And there is stuff you can do to make this….



1) Recording your intake and taking the time to understand calories and nutrient quality.

If you overeat you will gain weight. Therefore you must gain an understanding of portions and how much you are eating.

Keeping a food record is a great step.You can see where you are eating, habits are forming which are working against the grain and tweak accordingly.

2) Create an environment to succeed.

You can set your home up so that is helping you rather than hindering your progress.

Prechop your weekly veggies. Bulk cook a few meals. Always have leftovers.

If your kryptonite is cheesecake or chocolate stop buying it until you can control your portions.

3) Manage your time better

You have the same 24 hours as everyone else. Maybe you need to make use of your lunch hour

or that 30 minutes before work. Or maybe you need to have a chat with your spouse and ask him to be home at a time that allows you to get out.

They can manage their time better too you know..

4) Hold yourself accountable and invest in a coach.

I hired my first coach when I was 16 (Mike Adams) and it opened my eyes to being able to know the short cuts to getting what I wanted (an England cap and professional rugby career)

I have now had mentors and coaches over the years for a variety of things.

Why? Because it works.So before you get stuck into a debate about chia seeds take a 64,000 ft view of what can be done.

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