Are you tired of not seeing results with your gym? Or never stepped foot in one before?

Find out how Maynooth Gym, Sphere Fitness can help you, like 100s of other busy, working professionals, find the time to make a real world transformation

30 Day Trial - €99

You Deserve Better...Honest with no fads or gimmicks and a real world approach to health and fitness

For too long the fitness industry has failed you. You deserve a RESULT from the time and money you invest in your health and fitness. For too long the industry has taken your dues without caring if you show up, smashed you into the ground with shoddy workouts, poor training techniques and poor education around your dietary habits. Maybe it has been a place where you have felt intimidated, out-of-your-depth and learnt nothing to help yourself. Not here....

  • Begins with a Bodycheck

    A 30 minute 1-1 session gives us the opportunity to really understand ‘you’ and how we can then create a bespoke training, nutrition and lifestyle plan

  • Range of Training Options

    Build a programme that works with your busy lifestyle using UNLIMITED CLASSES and  6 x GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS

  • Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching

    We meet you where you are at. You will find a truly unique and bespoke approach to eating right that you wont find anywhere else.

Your Health and Fitness Partner

I understand where you are at. Maybe you have tried other gyms in Maynooth, have a short-term goal you need to work towards or just willing to invest in 'you', we know we can help folks just like yourself.

As a fad free approach to training and diet and supported with hundreds of real world transformations from busy working professionals, to mum of three and those looking to find a solution where others may have failed, we know we can help.

I look forward to speaking with you personally. Give us a call today on 01-5052131

John Lark

Founder, Sphere Fitness - Maynooth

Here's what you get with our programme

Based in Maynooth we are the most comprehensive and one of the original training centres in Ireland since 2005

  • Bespoke Training Plan

    We don’t believe in one-size fits all. We believe in bespoke so that you get the results YOU are looking for

  • Unique Dietary Coaching

    All of us are unique. That is why your diet must reflect this. No more guess work with your eating

  • Save Time

    What if we could show you the way to your goal quicker than any other methods

  • Support and Accountability

    Support, encouragement and consistent accountability so that you reach your goals.

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