7 steps towards maximum fat loss

The mountain of change can be somewhat overwhelming when you start out on your fat loss journey. Yet no one ever reached the top without taking the first step. As a gym in Maynooth we have had our fair share of experience dealing with folks who struggle to ‘get started’

Change is the hardest thing you will do but there are some habits, hacks and tweaks you can do to start the process in the easiest possible way.

1. Map out the things important to YOU

Not that meeting with your boss, or the kids football practice but things that are important to you. There will be some non-negotiables but in essence you are looking at your schedule and finding time to do things that will make you better. Schedule that training session, time to switch off, read, study and head out for a walk. By doing this you will see that you have more time than you think and stop the whole ‘chasing your tail’. Try this a week in advance for best results.

2. Drink some water

Pop up and pour yourself a glass. Better still invest in an expensive water bottle. I find that when you do this you place some value on the habit. It isn’t the same when you to get up, fill up a cup and throw it away.

3. Take all your calls walking.

This is a really easy way to get those extra steps in and just increase your movement. We are becoming increasingly aware that the hero type activities are not as effective as every day tasks and movement. We sit too much, move too little. This is an easy way to sneak those movements in.

4. What did you do today that was a ‘win’

It is very easy to focus on how we screwed up, the negative episodes that pop into our day. But what about the good stuff? How about you write that stuff down. Right at the end of the day. Try it. I did it for 15 months straight and still continue to do it with no as much regularity but it still works great for waking up with a positive mindset.

5. Get some accountability.

There are so many ways you can do this but hiring a coach is an investment. They will remove the short cuts, the pain of realizing you have had your ladder propped up against the wrong wall (think hours in the gym vs. a diet would have saved you days/weeks/months/years). Any area of your life can be improved by finding the right mentor. I love the book Mastery by Robert Green.

6. Track for a wee while.

Track your diet in particular. Unfortunately the simplicity of this is clear. We eat way too much for our activity levels. No longer are we pounding the savannah plains in search of food. A trip to the local deli is the highlight of some our working days. Therefore our eating habits have to change.

A short term period of tracking and monitoring intake will give you a big return. That could be calories, weight, body fat changes, photo. The point is to be regular and accurate giving you a great picture of how things are working out for YOU.

7. Prepare some meals

Bulk cook some protein sources, vegetables and fats then lay out what you are going to eat THE DAY BEFORE. Leave some wiggle for stuff you enjoy and make this a sustainable approach rather than a 1 hit wonder. The day before actually removes the stress of thinking ‘what will I eat today’. Hit up your plan and see.

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